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R. Richard Lincoln, Jr.
Mr. Lincoln has over 27 years of finance, accounting and project management experience and 15 years of real estate development and construction experience. His development experience includes all facets of land acquisition, permitting, site design/layout, engineering, environmental, surveying and legal issues. Mr. Lincoln’s construction experience includes many single family remodels, over 30 custom homes ($610,000 to $1,410,000), many production homes ($350,000 to $500,000) and a 82,000 square foot, multi-family apartment project. His construction experience includes house design (working with various architects and designers), site design, client interaction, construction, construction management and marketing. Mr. Lincoln maintains Construction Supervisor and Remodeler licenses. Read Bio>>


Richard D. Matthews
Mr. Matthews maintains 55 years of permitting, development, construction management and building experience. He has built over 300 single-family homes for his own account and many more as a contractor for clients. Mr. Matthews has developed and built over 140,000 square feet of commercial and industrial experience. He remains active as a designer and Orchard Knoll’s trouble shooter on several active single family developments. He is an accomplished frame-to-finish master carpenter. Read Bio>>

David Beers
Mr. Beers has over 20 years of residential and commercial development and construction experience. He has worked with R. D. Matthews Construction Co., Inc. and Orchard Knoll LLC for his entire career. Construction experience includes all facets of site development such as road construction, drainage and utility layout, site grading, and wastewater/sewage. Mr. Beers is very adept at reading engineering and architectural plans. Most recently he was the construction supervisor for Northpointe Apartments and was responsible for over $8 million in construction costs and over 82,000 square feet of frame. He worked with the project architect and a variety of civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineers. Northpointe also included construction of a pretreatment system and a large central heating plant. Read Bio>>

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