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Orchard Knoll began in 1999 by combining the resources and backgrounds of Dick Matthews and Rick Lincoln. Orchard Knoll has become imbued with Dick's 50 years of framing, finish and house siting experience and Rick's organizational, development and finance experience. The sum of both talents produces extremely high quality, well designed and energy efficient, sometimes leading edge, homes. Some of the subcontractors have been performing services for Dick in excess of 30 years. That means high levels of competency and few call backs.


Our focus over the past few years has been energy efficiency. After extensive research we decided to take the Energy Star rating seriously and became a 100% Energy Star partner. We have signed a contract and committed to building all of our homes to Energy Star standards. That means every one of our houses is independently tested and rated for energy efficiency - a level of exactness that requires us to spend a great deal of time with framing techniques, air leakage minimization, insulation factors, window and door ratings and healthy air exchange ratios.


In a current development we have installed well-based geothermal heating and air conditioning systems. These systems boast extremely high energy efficiencies, eliminate fossil fuel fired furnaces and will contribute significantly to reducing emissions and carbon footprints. Each one of these systems is the environmental equivalent of taking two cars off of the road, permanently, or planting an acre of trees - a most desirable objective.


In the end, our customers get a great home at an extremely high value for their dollar.


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